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Living with Dinosaurs in 200 sq ft

Dinosaurs? Yes, meet Daisy, Eddie, Hector and Bill. These are our Dino Camper kids, who live full time in the camper, with us. There is never a dull moment, around here. These guys keep us entertained, non stop, whether it is playing ball, arguing over toys, demanding our attention while we are trying to work, these kiddo's are a blast.

Fun Facts about our Camper Kids

Bill is the eldest, he is part Main Coon, 13 years of age and currently weighs 16lbs. Bill was rescued at 6 weeks old when his owner dumped him at the emergency animal hospital. Bill is slowing down in his older age, he once was a fierce hunter and protector of our farm. No other farm animal would cross his path. Bill is originally from WV.

Hector is the eldest, middle kid, he is an Apple head Chihuahua, he is 9 years old and weighs 7 lbs. Hector is our only camper kid that was not rescued. Hector came to live with us when he was 9 weeks old. He is originally from WV.

Eddie is our youngest middle kid, he was supposed to be part lab and part boxer, but we believe he is close to 75% beagle, he will be 3 and weighs 44 lbs. Eddie does not bark, Eddie bays, thus the beagle idea. Eddie was rescued in 2019 shortly after Hurricane Dorian, while living in Supply, NC.

Daisy is the baby of the family, at 1 year old, she is 50% Shepherd and 50% Malinois and weighs 64 lbs. Daisy gets bored very easily throughout the day. She needs a lot of interaction or she picks on her other siblings to get them involved. Daisy was rescued during the pandemic in 2021. Daisy is originally from Supply, NC

I really hope you enjoyed reading the fun facts about our Camper Kids.

When you have the time, drop a post and show us your kiddos.

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