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Adding wall space...

When we bought our camper, there was this weird half wall between the bedroom and the rest of the living space. Since day one, we have constantly looked at this wall as wasted space. Today, we decided something needed to be done about it!

We started out by framing in the open space, so it would be even with the bottom half of the doorway into the bedroom. The goal was to frame it in, cover it with paneling we'd removed during the bunk transformation and add useable space to the camper. A place to hang the second guitar and some space for hooks in the bedroom for bathrobes and jackets. Ripping some 2x4's down on the table saw, I was able to make the studding a perfect fit for the odd sized framing used in campers.

Once the framing was in, I cut the paneling to fit and bradded in it on both sides of the wall. It was hard to tell at this point whether or not we were doing the right thing, because of the contrast between the wall paper and the old raw paneling. It fit, but it didn't look so great at this point! After we got it all secured, Tracey worked her magic and finished the trim and added a fresh coat of light gray paint to the wall. The new section and the rest of the wall got two coats of our favorite paint. After she was finishing it looked amazing, almost like it grew there. This old camper is solid as a rock, but the updates we are making just continue to make it more and more like home. One of our next projects is to get the rest of the cabinets painted. But very soon we are headed out on the road to an undisclosed location for adventure and fun. Check back often, there is a lot more to come.

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